People! – Make One Freaking Life Change At A Time Please

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Stop trying to change everything!

The problem is that most people get freaked out about ALL the life changes they wish to make AT ONE TIME. Lose weight, save money, find love, find balance, less stress and of course all the issues surrounding the environment.

Change one thing and make it stick!

I cut out bread at lunch. We have a fabulous deal at lunch and the bread is included. I decided to not have the empty calories of bread on my plate.Hey, I’m in good shape, quite healthy, but I have made a conscience decision to not include bread in my lunch. I eat enough carbohydrates at lunch, bread is unnecessary. Wow, what an exciting blog post – how I cut out freaking bread!

What is the point?

Most successful life changes are done one baby step at a time. When we try too much we can easily get overwhelmed, frustrated or discouraged. Decide what is most important to you and attack that with a passion. Take action! Love yourself! I know you can do it. You CAN make a serious life change. You ARE in the driver’s seat! Life IS too short. Let’s get going right now! Decide what change you can make right now. For me it’s less bread, less empty calories and a healthy weight loss.I’m happy with that.

You CAN do it! Let’s start…right now.

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