Secrets To Saving The World

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Do you know your vocation or calling? Do you spend anytime seeking meaning and purpose?

The Internet has allowed me to peek into people’s lives. Whether it’s a blog, an online journal, diary or one of the new web 2.0 sites, I have now read my fair share of personal and private thoughts. Unfortunately I haven’t read many entries in regards to introspection or self-actualization. Looking beyond our immediate noses and opening up fully to the world along with its infinite possibilities is essential for the future of mankind.

Do you actually think that the world is becoming a better place? Have you ever given any thought to how the people of this earth are interconnected with the gift of consciousness?

Thankfully we do not live on instinct alone. Or else we would have bombed ourselves out of existence many moons ago. Thankfully we have the ability to apply the brakes to our mind before we act. We have the ability to reflect and then choose. Having a conscious allows us to fully experience life, take responsibility, reflect, meditate and become fully engaged with human nature and life. Yet although we have the fantastic ability to immerse ourselves with life itself and all it’s goodness and wonders, we choose to war with each other, ruin the environment, watch millions die of hunger and create countess other maladies.

Have we reached the breaking point? Are we over the edge? Are we leaving our children a broken world?

I wonder now. I’m certain that if we do not soon begin working together as one race, one species, one entity, the earth and its inhabitants will perish much sooner than thought before. It is not up to the United States of America, China, or any other country to lead the way. There is no best way at the moment. This must be a team effort. It has nothing to do with money or power, politics or government. Corruption and greed seems to continuously creep into those human endeavours. This is about us (as in you and me) creating a model of core values, needs, beliefs that will sustain our future and the entire planet around us.

We are all interconnected through the shared ability of conscious. Many of us can expand our horizons and connectivity starting with the self (ego) and than expanding our contributions towards the family, community, city, nation, country and finally the entire planet. And with technological wonders such as the Internet breaking down communication barriers, I hope a revolution is on the way.

A revolution to save the world.

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