See How Easily You Can Discover Your Core Personal Values

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What behaviors from others drive you crazy? What INFURIATES you? Which behaviors force you to draw a line in the sand?

These are the questions you should ask yourself. These are the questions that will point you to your most cherished core personal values. They are the opposites to what you really stand for.  It’s usually pretty easy to figure out what you don’t like.

Have you seen a boss humiliate someone in a meeting?

Does sitting in traffic piss you off?

Does the greed of Wall Street enrage you?

Are you feeling like a prisoner in your cubicle?

Is the stress in your life killing your health?

Now think about what values are the opposites of these feelings?

How about respect?







Your values are your moral compass, a source of energy and most of all they motivate you.

My most cherished value is freedom. Freedom inspires me to build a life where I can work anywhere in the world. Where I can make my own rules. Where I can share my dreams with others.

What are your core personal values?

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