Shouldn’t Life Be One Big Fat Mind-Blowing Journey?

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One of the best pieces of advice I’ve given lately is to improve the one thing in your life that bugs you the most. Don’t try to make 5 major life changes at the same time. For example, you’ll find that losing weight will naturally improve many areas of your life.  Weight lose will improve your energy, make you feel more attractive and probably reduce plenty of stress.

Don’t chase so many life changes that you get discouraged after a couple of weeks. Pick one. Lose weight. Save money. Get out of debt. Change careers. Become more loving. Each one of these in itself will open many wonderful doors for you.

And as you go through the ups and downs of a major life change don’t ever forget that you are only human.  Got that?

As humans we get emotional.

As humans we get frustrated.

As humans we get discouraged.

All this is part of the human experience. If we always get what we want we would have nothing to feel proud and …well …human about. We would not feel.

So remember you are a human being on a big blue planet that is twirling around in the vastness of a gigantic universe. You get to experience all the ups and downs that living on this amazing planet will throw at you.

Don’t be so damn hard on yourself. And don’t let your human emotions and judgements talk you out of your goal. It’s just your human mind wondering what the hell is going on.

Life changes aren’t always easy but they should all be an extraordinary journey.   A human journey.

Go out there and do your best. Stay true to your path. Learn to love the trip and the end result will come in no time at all.

Oh…and pick that one thing you really want to change.

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