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I was just thinking about when I was a teenager and school was out for the summer. Remember that Alice Cooper song? All I had to look forward to was warm summer days playing baseball or football in a sun splashed field. ALL freaking summer. Those were the glory days.

Then I grew up and became a responsible adult with bills to pay, power point presentations and making sure I had a decent place to live.

Now I want to break the rules. I am on the verge of creating another company. A company that will break all the rules. An Internet based company that will turn the business consulting world on its head.  I have no doubt that it will succeed. I believe.

In a few months I may not be playing baseball on a scorching summer day, but I’ll be taking a break by walking on a beautiful beach, anywhere in the world.

Like I’ve said before, the Internet is opening up the world for anyone to start a business. Find your niche and go for it.

My company, my rules baby.  Freedom, creativity, fun and profit.

Start creating the best internet company you can.

What’s stopping you?

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