The 6 Most Important Business Books For Your Career

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Many of my clients that are looking to make life changes require advise on making career changes or finding happiness in a current career. Our careers define us in many ways and we spend 8 hours a day working, so it’s essential that we find the very best way to spend our working lives.

Do I have a great career? Yes I do, and I also have an excellent balance between work and my home life. After years of extensive research here are the best business books that will teach, inspire and motivate you.

Mojo – How to Get it, How to Keep it, How to Get it back If You Lose It.

Marshall Goldsmith teaches very successful executives to become even more successful. He is hired by Fortune 500 companies to transform VP’s into CEO’s.  Marshall understands human behavior and business brilliantly and I regard him one of the best consultants in the world. His wisdom also applies to all areas of our personal lives. A beautiful book.

Thrive On Pressure – Lead and Succeed When Times Are Tough

Another must read. Graham Jones, Ph.D has worked with Olympic and world champions, military personal and senior leaders in Fortune 500 companies. Learn about mental toughness, real leadership, motivation and strengthening your belief as a leader. It is informative, clear, well-written and user-friendly with many well chosen examples of good practice.  Love it.

The Power Of Full Engagement – Managing Energy, not Time, Is The Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal

Tony Schwartz who co-authored this book is one of my favorite authors. I follow him regularly on Harvard Business Review and this is my favorite book of his. He teaches and provides clear examples of how a healthy body and mind is the key to renewed energy and success for executives. He even goes further and touches on the importance of your emotional and spiritual well being. An incredibly persuasive book that everybody should read.

The E-Myth Revisited – Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It

This is the first book you need to read if you start or have started your own business. Michael E.Gerber  has 40 years experience in the small business world and is widely considered a business guru. If you are a technician beginning a business this book clearly teaches you to never ignore the other aspects of business such as finance and sales. This book will save your sanity if you have dreams of becoming an entrepreneur.

The Biology of Success

Robert Arnot , M.D. has written a gem of a book highlighting essential lessons you may not find in other business related books. I love that he goes back and covers some business basics many people fail to grasp. Dress for success, turn on the tunes to elevate your mood, play hard and seize the moment.  It’s a simple and thorough plan to get the most of your day and your life.

Overachievement – The New Science OF Working Less And Accomplishing More

John Eliot PHD, teaches you how to welcome, enjoy and make pressure work for you. Case in point is Michael Jordan. He WANTED the ball when the game was on the line. John says we shouldn’t ever be afraid to shoot for the stars when the time is right. This book gives you the tools and psychologies to go out and not only become a star in business, but a superstar.

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