The Amazing Secret To Staying Motivated To Exercise …Netflix!

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Celebrate sunI wrote about my drastically improving my life 2013 but forgot to tell you how I stayed motivated!

When I’m on the tread mill and Elliptical machine I watch Netflix on my iPhone.  I tried using my iPad but it was a bit too big and covered some important buttons like stop and pause.

Netflix streaming is cheap. 9 dollars a month is unbelievably inexpensive.

Exercising on machines is dreadfully boring but modern technology has changed all that!  Here are my top 10 shows I’ve watched on Netflix while exercising.

The West Wing – IMDB rating 8.8

Breaking Bad – IMDB rating 9.6

Archer – IMDB rating 8.9

The Good Wife – IMDB rating 8.2

Damages – IMDB rating 8.1

Californication – IMDB rating 8.5

Family Guy – IMDB rating 8.5

American Dad – IMDB rating 7.7

Friday Night Lights – IMDB rating 8.7

Fringe – IMDB rating 8.5

Futurama -IMDB rating 8.7

Try it!

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