Golf Training Aids To Help You Play Like A Star

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Get a Golf Instructor today

We’ve all been coached by our friends who believe they play like Tiger Woods, and then proceed to wallop their ball into the next fairway, braining some poor soul. Or complete stranger’s give you well meaning advise in the middle of your swing. “Wiggle your waggle more!” We’ve heard it all. The very best advice I can give you is to ask around and find a good golf instructor. Whether it’s group lessons, private or Butch freaking Harmon himself, this is the single greatest investment you will make for your golf game. I took eight group lessons for a measly $169 dollars and began to play in the 80′s that season. A current back injury has stopped me from going for the 70′s. Sometimes it takes only one tip from an instructor to make a gigantic difference. In my case it was to begin rotating my hips before my driver downswing. I drove the ball straight and true right away. I was happier than John Daly at Caesars Palace on a rainy day.

Get a putting aid

Putting means placing that little white orb in an annoyingly small hole from various distances and levels. If you don’t practise your putting then give up your dreams of being a great golfer. After my instructor gave me a few grip techniques I practised my putting in my basement on a Mike Weir putting carpet. On the course that day I putted calmly, with confidence and of course gleefully trounced my friends. It doesn’t matter if it’s carpet, or a piece of felt, getting the feel for your putter will payoff big, big time on the course. Huge.

Practise your short and sand game

Ah, how we have all tried thrashing the crap out of a ball while perched precariously in a nasty sand trap, only to end up with hoots of laughter behind our back. After your Instructor has given you some basic instruction, go to a course, and before or after your game, practise your sand trap shots and chipping. It’s all about developing a feel and relaxed confidence for your game. There is nothing worse than heart tremors, clammy palms, and nerves like popcorn popping, to ruin your game. Get confident and calm down. Or bring beer in your cart.

1. Get a Golf Instructor now

2. Get a putting aid

3. Practise your short and sand game.

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