The Lazy Mans Way To Losing Weight

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Shape the world around you.

You only have so much will power. After a while your will power runs out and that bag of chips looks mighty friendly. Eating that yummy bag of chips is usually an emotional response and not a rational one. How do you easily keep those chips out of your gaping, drooling mouth? You shape the world around you so the chips are not part of it of course! All it takes is a little common sense and planning. Here is what I do to remove unhealthy foods from my world.

I plan my grocery shopping on Sunday morning and make sure chips or doughnuts are not on my list. Out of sight out of mind.

When I shop at the grocery store I bypass the chips and sweet isle. Out of sight out of mind.

Therefore, I am not bringing unhealthy foods into the house. Out of sight out of mind.

I do not bring doughnuts into the office (or I will eat 3 or 4… if someone else does I’ll be more respectful LOL) Out of sight out of mind. Out of sight out of mind.

I rarely watch TV and that lessens my exposure to those annoying Dunkin Doughnuts commercials. Does America REALLY run on Dunkin like the commercials claim? Hmmmm? I sure as hell hope not.

See? Do you get it? I’m shaping the world around me. I KNOW that if chips or doughnuts are available I’ll be Homer Fucking Simpson in no time!

Start thinking how you can shape the world around you. It’s the easiest way to losing weight and eating healthy. Will power is, way, way too overrated.

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