The Myth Of Finding The Perfectly Balanced Life

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There is no such thing as a balanced life. You can’t just dump your life in a pie chart and always have perfectly balanced segments. What you can do is pay full attention to the aspects that are important to you. Little Jimmy having a soccer practice? Make sure you are there for him with unconditional love and support. Love to go sailing? Don’t think about those investment deals while enjoying the perfect sunset.

Let’s face it, the higher you climb the corporate ladder, the bigger the paycheck, and the more office time it requires. If you play it right perhaps you can telecommute from home and cut down on traffic jams. Quality of life means making certain sacrifices or trade offs. Quality of life means finding out what means most to you, not living according to a pie chart. The very best thing you can do is make sure that each area of your work and home lives are given their full love and attention. That includes family meals, outings, reading a book or just lazing in the sun.

Your loved ones and you will appreciate life 100% more if you show them an hour of quality time instead of two hours of Blackberry time.

So look at the different roles you play in life and decide how much time you want to live in these roles. It won’t ever be balanced, but each role can have its own joy. Now as your roles blend together your life as a whole becomes more joyful.

It’s a constant adjustment, but well worthwhile.

What roles and areas of your life are you fully appreciating and finding joy in now?

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