The New Achievement Rule: Feel The Sensation Of Success

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The second biggest value people are seeking on is achievement. Achievement, success, accomplishment, whatever you want to call it will never be reached without following this golden rule.

First feel the sensation of achievement

First you have to feel the sensation of achievement in whatever area of your life you are trying to change. It may be wealth, relationships, health or just serenity but the key is to visualize yourself as already achieving your goal. Feel the sensation of reaching your goal. Visualize it, taste it, feel it. How does it make you feel? This is the all important question. Does it make you feel proud? Does visualizing your accomplishment make you feel like you are being of service? Does it give you a warm and fuzzy feeling? Meaning and purpose?

The problem is that most people picture their success as a BMW or a large house. But these are just fleeting feelings of material accomplishment. They never last. What really last are feelings of happiness, peace, bliss  and fulfillment first felt in your heart and then in your mind. Remember when you went away on vacation? Perhaps you stayed near the beach and saw dolphins swim by each morning. Memories that bring that kind of pure joy to your heart , are what stick in your heart and mind. There was that everlasting sense of wonder from something bigger than you. It will last a lifetime. Now think back to all the toys you have had. Do they bring back a sense of wonder and joy? No. It is your feelings and sensations from something other than your stuff that will bring you a long lasting joy. Joy from material objects never last.

Now picture yourself having achieved your goal. How does it make you feel?

Now that you have captured that feeling, it is time to take action. Go and start working on your goal. And always keep that sensation of achievement inside of you. You’re ultimate goal is to capture that wonderful feeling you are after. That feeling is what your success should be. That feeling opens up your heart.

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