The Power Of Believing In Yourself

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When you decide to believe in yourself mountains begin to move.

Years ago I had a new whippersnapper boss that moved up to become a Director of 400 people after one year at the company. I marched into his office a short time later and asked for a promotion. I demanded one actually. After working for many years at the company I believed in my heart that I deserved a raise in pay. I did not get the raise that day but I did land a sweet new position.

A short time later I quit, took a substantial severance package and started working at one of our clients.. My new company gave me a 24% increase in pay the next year. That’s right.  24%. I believed I deserved a promotion and a raise and received one. That is the power of believing.

Any life changes you want to make begin with believing in yourself and your goal. If any doubt creeps into your mind and you say the words, “I can’t”, your self belief will be broken and you will FAIL. I had no doubt in my mind that I deserved a raise art work.

Do you truly believe that you will lose 50 pounds in a year through changing eating habits and avoiding sweets?

In you core self do you believe you will pay off all your credit cards and stop paying idiotic interest to banks?

Do you truly believe you can begin an internet based business because you have a fabulous product you believe in 100%”?

Any beautiful life change begins with believing in yourself. Once that belief is firmly in place, you will begin to taste your success right away.

Keep your beliefs going and there is no dream that you can’t make come true.

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