The Real Secret To Making Life Changes.

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It isn’t will power that enables people to make life changes. Most people fail at their New Year’s resolutions. They are fooled to think that they can overcome their emotional mind.

The rational mind is the one that decides that we need to lose weight or start saving money. It begins with good intentions. Lose 20 pounds, cut out sweets, and reduce your alcohol consumption.  Our rational mind always figures what is best for us in the long run.

The emotional mind is the one that usually convinces the rational mind to give up and let go. Just have that one piece of cake, I can pay my credit card off next month, one more glass of wine can`t hurt, I deserve it after a day like today.

Most of us give in to the sweet lullaby of the emotional mind and never reach our goals, especially when it comes to reducing debt or losing weight. Our emotional mind almost always finds a way for the rational mind to let go. Once the rational mind lets go the battle is lost.

So how do we fight the emotional mind?  We fight it be shaping the world around us. We fight it by fool proofing our surroundings so we aren’t tempted. Very simply if you want to lose weight don’t buy sweets from the store and keep them at home. Don’t keep your money easily available. Lock your money in a registered retirement plan and make it horribly painful to take it out. Walk past the sweets aisle. The emotional mind and temptation go hand in hand.  Eliminate temptation.

I rarely bring sugary sweets home from the grocery store. I contribute to my retirement plan each month and never touch that money.   I have shaped the world so my emotional mind cannot access my temptations. It’s the only way for me. It is probably is the only way for you. Try it. Get in the habit of fool proofing your world so your emotional mind has no options.  This is the way to making long lasting life changes.

How do we say it? Out of sight, out of mind. Pretty soon you will be losing weight and saving money. Pretty neat huh?

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