The Recent Secret Of Successful Weight Loss and Great Health

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As great Apps are developed to help modify our behaviors, people have more and more tools to construct their own weight loss routines. We have been brain washed over the past years that we need drastic measures to lose weight and this is far from the truth.

What can these iphone apps and our Facebook friends do? Provide us with tools to reinforce good behaviors.

So if you have defined “health” as a core personal value then set some realistic goals and even use an app to stay on track. This is an excerpt from an article I want you to read – The Perfected Self.

“Today, my brother weighs 165 pounds—what he weighed at age 23—and his doctor has taken him off all his medications. He has his vigor back, and a brisk three-mile walk is a breeze for him.”

“But in fact my brother did it with plain old diet and exercise, by counting calories and walking. He had no surgery, took no supplements or pills, ate no unusual foods, had no dietary restrictions, embarked on no extreme exercise regimen.”

The Perfected Self

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