The Secret Of Making Long Lasting Life Changes

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Let go of what you can’t control. Change what you can control. Once you focus on what you can change (or control) in life, change becomes incredibly achievable.

I was having breakfast with my Dad and he was again complaining about the taxes he has to pay. So I asked him what he could do about it. Write a letter to the government? Protest in front of government buildings? He shook his head and was obviously unwilling to do any of these things. When does complaining become a complete waste of time?

Do you complain about the government? Do you complain about your company or your boss? Do you whine about eating too much junk food? Do you find yourself complaining about being in debt? Are you worrying and irritable about to much work? Do you bitch about the rain?

What can you change? I think most people have control over their weight and health. I don’t see the point in letting a rainy day ruin the whole day for you. I believe most people can get out of debt.

We can even get along with the new boss if we try. But can we change taxes? Can we change the company culture (maybe)? Some things we can’t change.

Think about what you can change. And if you really think you can’t change you are probably wrong. Turn off the television and internet and exercise for 30 minutes. Don’t order the fries. Get your annual physical. Eat a healthy breakfast. Turn off your Blackberry.

Make long lasting changes isn’t hard. It’s your limited beliefs that are easy to cling on to.

Begin believing that you are in control. Because you are.

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    2 thoughts on “The Secret Of Making Long Lasting Life Changes

    1. This article is so true. Wingeing and wineing will never make any difference. It just causes unnecessary stress. It’s a simple formula presented, understand what can be changed, what can’t be changed, understand the difference and then go about changing what you can. I think we all get stuck blaming and complaining as a result of feeling helpless, instead of engaging and working towards solutions for the problems we have. Thanks Andrew…

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