The Ultimate Happiness Tip – Gratefulness – How To Feel It Every Day

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Dog happy in carAfter reading hundreds of books on personal development, philosophy and business, as well as writing many articles myself here is the best happiness tip.

 The top happiness tip is gratitude. Find moments of deep gratitude in your each life day. Why?

Gratitude or thankfulness reminds us of how lucky we are in this world. We are lucky to have hot and cold running water. We are fortunate to have good food on our plates. Appreciate that you do not have to live through a devastating world war.  We should be grateful to have stores filled to the brim of everything we want. We are lucky to have modern medical services. And be grateful that we have portable devises that play our music, keep us in touch with friends, take pictures and play movies all in one. They are a freaking miracle!

Please stop taking the simple things in your life for granted.  

How do I feel grateful every day? We all have shitty days. The boss is an asshole. Our co-workers waste our time and bitch all day. The weather sucks. Our boyfriends or girlfriends forget us or say dumb and hurtful things. Hey, in the larger scope of things life is pretty damn good. Here is how to remember that.

  • Think about 3 good things that happened every day before going to sleep.  They may as simple as feeling the sun on your face.
  • Say how grateful you are for 3 things out loud to yourself each morning.
  • Carry a small favorite rock in your pocket and rub it once a day to feel gratitude. I like this one.
  • Wake up with a smile on your face each morning.
  • Remind yourself that we have built pyramids and gone to the moon, so you CAN lose 10 pounds.
  • Write down everything you feel grateful about and E-mail it to yourself. Read it once a week.
  • Tell people how happy you are to have them in your life.
  • Stand outside in the early morning before getting in your car and feel grateful for the beautiful sky that day.
  • View each day as a new life.
  • Hug your pet every day.
  • Hug your family as well.
  • Take a walk every day outside and get your head out of your smart phone or tablet.
  • Listen to your favorite and most inspiring tunes every day.

Make gratitude a core personal value today and become happier now!

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