They Laughed At Me When I Promised To Reduce Debt And Weight

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Yea. I’ve lost 2 pounds magically. Go Me! Down to 208

Ok, let’s get serious.

As you know I’m on a journey to lose 20 pounds and reduce a few nagging debts. I’ll give you all my secrets in the next post.

Last night I was looking into buying gold bullion! So how will this reduce my debt? It won’t! But it sure was incredibly fun to think about owning little gold 1 ounce bricks and lovingly placing them in my very own safety deposit box.  Every time I would feel a little depressed I’d scamper over to the bank and pet my gold.

That would be awesome!

So where was I? Oh yes ..reduce debt.  The point of this post was to show you how easy it was to get derailed from my goal of reducing my debt. Buying gold will not reduce it.


How are you doing on your life changes?  Making any?  Hmmmmm??

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