Want To Be Happy? Find And Live With Your Authentic Self.

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It’s your ego that’s contributing to much of your unhappiness. Your ego is that voice in your head that seeks attention, praise, applause and acceptance. Your ego will fiercely defend itself when attacked.  It can be very fragile at times.

Your ego is not your authentic self. Your ego is like a child inside of you, seeking attention outside of your authentic self.

I was recently obsessing about changing jobs or even careers. It was keeping me awake nights. My ego latched on to the idea that I DESERVED a new job. My ego had me CHASE success instead of just enjoy it.  I had lost my authentic self to my ego.

My authentic self is at my core. My authentic self isn’t what job I do or my social status. My authentic self is a combination of my inner wisdom, talent and skills.  My authentic self is my core beliefs and values. I have discovered that when I don’t follow my authentic self, I’m not at peace. I’m less happy and more stressed.

Why are so many people unhappy at their jobs? Because they have pursued careers that are not true to their authentic self. They are making money but not happy.  They are pursuing objects to prove their self worth.

How do you find your authentic Self?

Connect with the present moment through Meditation. Meditation connects you with the natural world and releases the ego in your mind. Meditation increases times of serenity and peace in the world. Meditation ultimately connects you with the authentic self and the authentic world around you.

Find your wisdom. People mistake knowledge for wisdom. Wisdom is about accepting what you can and cannot change. Wisdom is about doing what you say you will. Wisdom is not making assumptions. When you make decisions or life changes based on your deep inner wisdom it is coming from your authentic self.

Be content. I believe that your authentic self should be content. Happiness is more when times of joy strike you. Being content is a mixture of gratitude, peace and being in constant serenity with the world.

It’s possible to have the ego and authentic self live harmoniously together.  The ego helps the authentic self grow and conquer fears.

It’s when your ego tries to take you away from your core authentic self that you become torn and unhappy.

When you make any life change are you doing it from your authentic self? If yes, then by all means do it. If not; then you aren’t being true to yourself and what guides you to a healthy and content life.

Now think. Who are you as your authentic self?

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