What Are The Most Important Facts You Need To Live A Fabulous Life?

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Do you think you are in pretty good health? Do you assume you are in financial control?  Is your life a happy and content life? Really? Do you have the facts?

I assumed I was in good health. I walked the dogs, I ate well and I avoided deserts. And I look good. I’m not fat or on the road to being fat.

But my blood tests gave me a glucose level of 6.9.  Huh? A level above 7.0 is type 2 diabetes. I would have never thought I would be heading towards type 2 diabetes. It was shocker.

I assumed I was doing well. For years.  I was wrong because I avoided the facts. The blood test showed me facts, not the fiction I was living in my head.

How do you get the most important facts about the state of your life? Only with hard facts can you begin to make serious life changes.

Get health facts by getting tested.  Blood and urine tests may save your life. A simple blood pressure check may flag a dangerous stress level.

Get financial facts by sitting down with a calculator and working out when you plan to retire, how much money you need and if you will have that amount saved by retirement.

Get mental health facts by seeing a psychologist or a professional. You may think you are handling the stress well in your life. But you can’t forever. Life IS becoming more and more stressful.

Armed with facts you can now address what is important in your life.

Now you are ready to seriously live by your core values and make long lasting life changes.

Stop avoiding the facts. I love that slogan and I use it often.

“Just do it”

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