What Everyone Ought To Know About Happiness

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Isn’t happiness your main purpose in life? To live a life full of happiness and have happiness surround you? I like to use the word “content” not happiness. We all have moments of happiness and joy but we all seek a life filled with being content. But for this piece of writing we can stick to happiness.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve read hundreds of books on happiness, optimism and living a great life. I live a pretty great life myself. Here is what I’ve learnt.

Happiness is about making wonderful memories not buying stuff. When you think back on your life what truly makes you happy? Was it that that nice car you bought 6 years ago? Was it the latest laptop? How about when traveled with your friends or family?  How about all those walk on a sunny day with your pooch by your side? Remember any particular sunrises or sunsets?   Cherished memories like a simple sunset will always beat out thinking about some object you bought. Go out and make some great memories now. They can cost you nothing and bring a lifetime of joyful thoughts.

Money does not buy happiness. I value my time over money. It’s been scientifically proven that once we have shelter, food, decent health and happy relationships anything more than this will hardly raise our happiness level.  If you think that next raise will finally make you happy it won’t. Think about how much time you spend at work to make more money or worrying about money. Now think about how you really want to spend your time.  Think about what makes you happy. Is it more money? Or is it spending great times with friends and family? Money will not buy you a happy life.  Time to do what you love will.

Being kind to others brings you more happiness than being kind to yourself. When we are kind the brain releases endorphins, the chemicals that give us feelings of passion and joie de vivre.  Being nice also gives the brain a boost of serotonin, the chemical that gives us the feeling of satisfaction and well-being.  Try it. Start being a kinder person today. Do 3 acts of kindness a day. Today I made my wife a sandwich as she worked hard on her website. She was incredibly happy for that small act of kindness. And it really made me happy to do it and hear how happy she was for such a small gesture. Such a small thing with a huge happiness payback! Like they say….Isn’t it the small things in life that make us happy?” Now get out there and be a kinder person. In turn happiness will always find you.

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