Who Else Wants Life’s Happiest Moments?

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When I was in Florida a few weeks ago I would stand by the pool enclosure and deeply inhale the fresh morning air. Our backyard was an open field with woods to the right. After a long winter the smell of dew and earth invaded my senses and I felt the spread of contentment glow inside of me.

It doesn’t take miracles, big money or iPads to experience the best things in life. Sometimes it’s just the soft and simple moments that are the happiest. Now I walk the dog in the small forest nearby and I smell and feel springtime in the air again. In the middle of our walk I stop, crouch and listen to nature waking up.

I also love standing on the edge of the driveway on a brisk and blue morning. After taking in the lacy streaks of blue and gold in the morning sky, the soft chirps of birds and crisp morning air, only then am I ready to hop in the car.

What are your happiest moments?

Maybe it’s time to make a few more.

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