Who Else Wants To Feel Great While Looking For Work?

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workout room bush 001This is a picture of one of my work out rooms I’m finally using every day.

When work begins to consume your life you tend to focus less on health, friends and inner spirituality.  In my case my health could have been better the last few years. I was staying up late, writing articles for this website as well as My Life Changes. The main KEY ingredient I was missing was exercise. Exercise reduces anxiety, keeps weight under control, increases energy; improves mood, helps combat disease and will add years to your life.

Now I hop on the treadmill first thing in the morning, then the elliptical running machine complimented afterwards with pushups, bicep curls as well as working the shoulders and trapezoids. I feel 100% better now. Anxiety is down, aches and pains almost non-existent, and sleeping much better.

The key now is to ALWAYS maintain this healthy lifestyle once I start working again.  That means working out every day, especially when traveling.

No excuses.

What are you doing to make sure your work life is not affecting your health?

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