Why Goal Setting Is Extremely Important To You

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Do you want to be happy and successful in the future? Then set goals. People live successful, happy and living meaningful lives because they have taken the time to set goals. Below are 11 compelling reasons why goal setting is extremely important to you.

  • Goal setting helps us realize what we really want to accomplish in life.
  • Goal setting helps us to commit and take the necessary steps to make our desires a reality.
  • Goals setting give us direction and purpose.
  • Goal setting reduces the clutter in our mind and makes it clearer as to where we are heading.
  • Once we commit goals to paper or a computer, it makes them more tangible, specific and concrete.
  • Goals that are written down can be easily reflected on, changed, admired and analysed.
  • As you change you can change your written goals.
  • Once goals are written down they can be broken into manageable parts.
  • Goal setting allows us to look at our present, past or future and learn from mistakes.
  • Goal setting helps us get over the fear of change.
  • Goals can help boost your confidence as you reach them.

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