Why You Should Eat Like Google Employees

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You are what you eat.  Every time you pop something in your mouth, it affects your long term health.

I’ve written a few times about creating great eating habits. There is no better example of great eating habits than Google. Google understands the importance of providing extremely healthy eating options for its employees.

At their Mountain View headquarters they provide free meals at eleven restaurants! The food is prepared by top notch chefs and is fresh, healthy, assorted and did I mention free?   This in turn creates a packed cafeteria, lots of wonderful socializing and an amazing culture. Not to mention few employees that fall asleep in the late afternoon.

Are you preparing and eating healthy meals at home for yourself and your family? Have you cut out sugary snacks and junk food? Do you get together with your best friends and cook a fabulous healthy meal? Why not take a cue from a company that had assets of 40 Billion dollars in 2009 and incorporate healthy eating habits in YOUR life.

Cut down on sugary snacks and junk food.  Look up a few great recipes.  Get your ass out to the market, buy fresh produce and START cooking!

I’ve heard all the excuses.

There are none.

Just do it.

Be like Google.

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