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One happy face in a crowdI created My Life Changes to help people live according to their personal values. Our personal values are our subconscious moral compass that gives us constant direction.  Values are what we stand for, how we want to behave on an ongoing basis.  I want to help you live according to your personal values.

I believe the most important value is Health. Sure, all the experts say that to have a happy life what counts the most are relationships, utilizing signature strengths, finding meaning…etc. But if you aren’t in good health how can you truly enjoy everything else in your life?

Here is what you need to begin creating an awesome and healthy life.

  1. Make Health one of your personal values in your life, if not the only one for now!
  2. Exercise every day. I agree with Scott Adams (the Dilbert Cartoon creator), you have to exercise every day. I’ve tried planning to exercise certain days and it never works. Sure you will miss a day or two here and there but eventually exercising will become an everyday habit.
  3. Buy an exercise machine. I have a treadmill and an elliptical running machine. I use both for 20 minutes each, starting out with the treadmill at a fast walk and then the elliptical running machine for harder interval training.
  4. Psssst….now here is the secret to staying motivated. Buy a Netflix subscription. Exercise is mind numbing and boring but with Netflix you can watch your favorite TV shows or movies at the same time!  I wrote an article about this here.
  5. Eat right…that is for another post!

So there you have it. Your health is the ultimate value to having an awesome life.  Kinda obvious huh?

My 88 year old dad uses his treadmill each day for 50 minutes at a very fast walk. I do 40 minutes each day and am currently watching The West Wing on Netflix, which has happily turned out to be one of my favorite all time TV shows!

Let’s recap:

  • Health should be your most important personal value.
  • You need to exercise each day.
  • You need an exercise machine and a Netflix subscription.
  • Make it a lifestyle habit and you will feel better, look better and love life more than ever!

I promise.

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