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My Life Changes provides you simple and amazing tools to create your life’s mission, define your most important personal values and link these to your goals. Defining your “Who Am I” statement is the foundation to creating a life filled with meaning and purpose.Living by your core personal values is key to finding happiness and a positive direction in your life. Using these tools and providing an inspiring blog is the heart of My Life Changes. Get the latest tools and updates by :

Terry Vermeylen My name is Terry Vermeylen and I live in Montreal, Canada. I have studied the best practices of self development, entrepreneurship, business and wealth development over the past 25 years. What I bring to you are proven techniques, facts and tools for you to make serious and astonishing life changes. I will make you think. I may even make you work. But in the end you will hopefully learn and grow as a person. Maybe even see the world in a brand new way! I continuously research the highest quality material, try it in my life and share it with you. You can help me in this journey by providing me feedback and ideas as well. I will be glad to collaborate on finding the best life with you and every single being that touches this site. You can email me at terry@mylifechanges.com . I will be more than happy to answer. Don’t be shy! All the best, Terry Vermeylen