How Will My Life Changes Help You Succeed?

  1. Clarify Your Vision:

    My Life Changes helps create a vision for your life by realizing that change begins with your feelings, thoughts and emotions. Only by changing these first, through value identification, can significant change truly begin.

  2. Reflection:

    My Life Changes is a place to take refuge from your busy life and reflect on what you really want out of life. We don’t spend nearly enough time in reflection.

  3. Meaning and Purpose:

    My Life Changes aligns your meaning and purpose, core values and goals in life. Some of these goals will turn into positive life long habits. My Life Changes helps you decide what matters most in your life. Is there anything more important?

  4. Become Fully Engaged:

    Realizing your core values is a critical step to fully engaging in life. A fully engaged life means never watching your precious time become meaningless. Once gone, every second of your life will never be realized again.

  5. Define Your Core Values:

    Your core values are your anchors through the rough times in your life. For example, if you want a life free of debt and money worries, then the core value of freedom can be an anchor to use in your quest for wealth creation.

  6. Overall Vision:

    My Life Changes gives you the option to look at your life as a whole. The physical, mental, career and family aspects are all interconnected.

  7. Wealth Management:

    The Millionaire Thinking option is all about making money work for you, and how to use common sense to build sustainable wealth creation.

  8. Define Yourself:

    With My Life Changes you are supplied three important databases to help you define your “Who Am I” statement, your core values, and your goals, habits or choices in life. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook all the possibilities. These databases will give you ideas, help define priorities and help you decide what you really want.

  9. Immediate Feedback:

    Compared to other goal setting sites, our reporting system is extremely visual and colourful, providing you with immediate and unambiguous feedback for the past month or for all time.

  10. Journaling:

    The journal provides a place for your inner thoughts and is most useful if there has been a red (or yellow) day or week. Journal entries can help pinpoint what caused that red day and help you make positive adjustments towards a green day.

  11. E-mail Reminders:

    The e-mail reminders are exceptionally useful, nudging you towards that new goal and habit.

  12. View Achieved Goals:

    My Life Changes provides a simple and effective archiving section. Now you can see all your past goals and use them again if need be.

  13. View Past Accomplishments:

    The timeline section is an extraordinary tool for motivation. By recording all your past accomplishments here, you can always refer to them for future inspiration.

  14. No Distractions:

    There are no advertisements on My Life Changes (deluxe version). We don’t want to slow your progress down for even one second.

  15. Affordable:

    My Life Changes is less than 5 dollars a month. How much is this in comparison to making everlasting and positive life changes?

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