How I Went From From Nothing To Everything With One Word

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Ask. Why the hell don’t people ask more? Asking is the single most powerful tool in your life. Asking can open opportunities that you never dreamt possible. Asking can make a closed door become wide open. Asking begins an action.

How I received a 24% salary increase in one year.

I asked my new young whippersnapper boss for a raise at work. I brought all my supporting documentation and almost banged on his desk while demanding a raise. I got all the bullshit reasons to why he couldn’t. What he did do for me however was offer me a coveted spot on a special IT project (SAP). Maybe the bastard was getting rid of me. After completing my year and a half on the project I asked again for a raise. After being turned down again I immediately took a severance package and quit the company. They begged me to stay. I found another job in a huge airspace company two weeks later. A year later the company performed a market study and raised our salaries. With my regular increase I received a whopping 24% raise in pay! The lesson from this is that I asked for that initial raise. If I had never asked nothing would have happened. Ask and you shall eventually receive.

How I always eat a delicious meal.

Can’t decide what to eat at that fancy restaurant you had reservations for a month? Ask the waiter for what is most popular. It usually turns into something pretty damn yummy.

Have a pressing problem at work?

I find many people are embarrassed to ask questions at work. They feel like they will look like an idiot. But why struggle for hours or even days over a problem when you can ask someone? And usually they are only glad to help. All this fretting over asking is usually all in your head. Get a grip on yourself and start asking for help. It really is that simple.

Have any questions for me? Ask away. I’ll be more than happy to help out.

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