Lebron James And Our Consumer Society

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Ok. I have to write about this Lebron James fiasco. As the world goes to complete shit, approximately 20 million human lemmings tuned in to see what his relocation decision was. Even people in my home town of Montreal who probably have never watched a full basketball game were blabbering about it, like they knew the guy personally and he was over for a drink and cigar the other night. Maybe we need an escape from out dreary fucked up lives, I dunno.

Lebron has already began to sell his new personal brand  with companies like Microsoft pushing Bing on the public and people dying to buy his sweater. What pure materialism idiocy.

In the end we will turn on the television and bask in Lebron James stupefying play and 30 gazillion dollar contract.   Then we will go back to beating the shit out of our kids and kicking the dog until Lebron comes back to pacify us.   All hail the American culture!

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