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I’m taking advice from Tim Ferris and writing about something off topic from happiness or consciousness. I still painstakingly research the hell out of everything. Here are the 10 iphone apps that rock my boat. From free to $9.99.

Instapaper - I love to research the web for stimulating articles or news. If I don’t have time to read a webpage I click on the convenient Instapaper “Read later” icon and presto, it saves it on my iphone for later reading. Next time I’m stuck in a line up I’m enjoying that particular web page.

Download Instapaper from iTunes

LocalPicks Need to find a restaurant from your current location? Just let this app show all of them, map them and give you reviews. I’ve already found a few wonderful ones which I never knew existed. So sweet!

Download LocalPicks from iTunes

Pingpong Yes it’s simple and almost lame, but as a long time gamer I prefer a non-thinking game these days. I spend most of my time on my website, so a friendly (or not) ping-pong game against Russia is just the ticket to relax. One day I’ll try to win the world tournament. Really.

Download World Cup Table Tennis

i-c-LiveCams - Want to see live steaming of cute elephants or furry polar bears? Ready to sneak a peek at a sunny beach or see the weather around the Eiffel Tower? This terrific app lets you lose yourself in another world and see what is going on at that very moment. Very, very cool.

Download Live Cams from iTunes

Things – A simple and well-designed task manager. I use it to plan day to day activities and projects if required. I’m a firm believer that a task manager should be simple and easy to use. This one doesn’t disappoint.

Download Things from iTunes

TED TED brings together some of the most fascinating thinkers and doers of our time and puts them on video for free. For free. Who wouldn’t want to experience this? Did I say for free?

Download TED from iTunes

Koi Pond – Perfectly natural looking pond of water with Koi fish swimming about to give you the Zen time out you need every day. You can even ripple the water with your finger.

Download Koi Pond from iTunes

USA Today – The latest news and what I love the most is the picture section. Sometimes a picture says a thousand words and here you can choose to include captions or not.

Download USA Today from iTunes

Pocket Tunes –Thousands of Web based radio stations at your finger tips. Terrific quality and you can save your favourites. I plug my iphone into my car lighter and have all the radio I would want and more.

Download Pocket Tunes from iTunes

Epicurious – I have been using the fabulous Epicurious for years on the Internet to easily cook 5 star meals. Now I have it available on my iphone. I would recommend searching for easy, 5 star recipes on the Epicurious Internet site on your PC or laptop and then saving them on your iphone.

Download Epicurious from iTunes

Next time I’ll write about how I use my iphone itself and haven’t missed lugging around a phone, iPod or camera (amongst other things).


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    One thought on “My 10 Most Useful and Fun iphone Apps

    1. You should totally include Facesmash, FaceTalk and Picturizr on this list. I’m actually using local picks. Good list!

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