My Life Changes Update!

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Dear Readers

Just wanted to let you all know that we have made a few changes to make life easier for you.

  • At the bottom of each post is a section called related posts. These related blog posts contain great additional information related to the subject matter and I’m sure you’ll find them very interesting.
  • We have made it easier to tweet posts at the bottom of each article. Just click on the Tweet box! It would be greatly appreciated!
  • We have numbered the Topics to make it easier for you  to find articles of interest on a given subject.
  • I’ll be giving away a fantastic free E-book on motivational tips soon!  Stay tuned!

I hope you have found My Life Changes a useful and inspirational site to make lasting changes to your life. At the very least I hope it has made you think and reflect on the path you wish to follow towards more meaning and purpose in your life.

Please send me any questions, suggestions or comments, I’ll be very happy to answer them.

Best Always



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