A Simple Life Change That Will Help You Live Longer And Happier

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Do you feel tired and cranky in the morning? Are you easily irritated? Did you get enough sleep?

The other day I was driving along the bridge and a car changed lanes, unexpectedly cutting me off. No signal and they looked like they OWNED the road. Then it happened again. I cursed out loud and felt my teeth mashing together. I pulled up alongside the driver and had thoughts of stopping, pulling down the window and punching the person in the face. As I pulled up alongside I caught the person happily singing to herself completely oblivious to the traffic and her dangerous driving. I then calmed down, laughed to myself and shrugged my shoulders. Talk about clueless.

Normally I’m a very calm driver, I listen to audio books on my iPhone and watch the world pleasantly roll by. So why did I become enraged? Lack of sleep. When you don’t sleep well it’s easy to get irritated. Your mind feels heavy and your body sluggish. It becomes harder to concentrate and the world just doesn’t seem as calm as when you sleep well. It doesn’t take much to send your brain into a sudden rant and rave.

One of the biggest life changes you can make is to get a decent night’s sleep. Sleep rejuvenates the immune, skeletal, nervous and muscular systems. You wake up refreshed and ready to get on with the day. Decisions are made easier with a calmer and rejuvenated mind. According to Wikipedia and a large scale study on sleep, people who live the longest reported on 6 -7 hours of sleep a night. A pretty simple life change and one you can begin to make today!

Are you getting enough sleep? Let’s make that life change today!

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