The 25 Life Changing and Magical Ways to be Grateful in Life

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Woman on a quiet  pierI’ve read hundreds of books on self-development, philosophy, sociology and business. I’ve written dozens of articles. I’ve meditated for months. The one thing that has been a life changer for me is feeling grateful. Grateful for what I have in life. It has to become a habit I practice every day. If you don’t practice it won’t work. It might only take 5 minutes a day.  But it will be a life changer. It will make you happier, calmer, Zen, joyful and you will spend less money on silly things.

Here are 25 ways to feel the life changing magic of gratitude.

  1. Wake up and feel grateful for 5 people or pets that are special in your life. Give them all a silent thank you each morning.
  2. Walk to the window first thing in the morning, throw open the curtains and be grateful for being born and experiencing this planet spinning in the universe.
  3. Feel grateful for having both legs to walk on, eyes to see and ears to hear. So many people don’t have this.
  4. Feel grateful for the floor under your feet and a roof over your head. Millions of people lack shelter and are refuges around the world or homeless.
  5. Appreciate the warm running water as you shower in the morning compared to millions around the world who don’t have any running water. They walk miles to find it.
  6. Feel grateful for flicking a switch for electricity as it powers your lights, fridge, stove, iPads, video games, phones, computers and so much more. Millions around the world have no electricity and have never even seen an IPhone.
  7. As you dress, give a silent thanks to the people that made your clothes, the people that shipped them and the people around the world that picked the materials (like cotton) for them.
  8. Give a silent thanks to the men and women that have served your country, lost their lives or become injured, so you can live in a free and open-minded country.
  9. You are living in a time of great wealth and technological advances. Not too long ago mankind did not fly in airplanes. They would have seen this as a miracle. This is priceless.  Give a silent thanks to your travels.
  10. Before you go to sleep feel grateful for 5 people or pets that are special in your life. Give them all a silent thank you.
  11. How many hugs have you given your children lately?  How many meals has your spouse cooked for you? It is these small acts of kindness that you should be eternally grateful for.
  12. Write about what you have felt grateful for each day in a journal. It might be only 3 things. I do it every day.
  13. Appreciate your own refection in the mirror each morning and be kind and loving to it.
  14. Before you drive away to work look up at the clouds, smell the grass and watch the trees sway. Feel grateful for a new day on this earth.
  15. Before you drive to work smell the morning air, listen to the sounds of birds chirping. Send nature your silent gratitude.
  16. As you drive into work look at the sky and watch the sunlight dance in your windows. Feel grateful for always having the sun around, even if it’s behind a few clouds.
  17. As you get out of your car for work, pause and pay attention to nature around you. The breeze, any sounds and the soft morning sun. Say a silent mental gratitude before entering the office.
  18. Use sticky notes or a journal or an electronic journal to write down and see your gratitude thoughts. This habit will nourish your mind. Do it each day.
  19. Instead of being stressed about being busy, change your attitude to feeling grateful for helping people at work.
  20. Feel grateful for your co-workers that you enjoy during the day and clients that will benefit from your work and bring you a smile.
  21. Don’t focus on the negatives at work. Instead of criticizing your co-workers, appreciate their strengths and the times they have helped you out.
  22. Feel appreciation for the food at lunch and take your time to savor it, who made it and who picked the ingredients.
  23. Be grateful for the family, friends and pets in your life. You only have a set number of days on this earth with them. Make them count and tell them how much you love them.
  24. Feel the miracle that a tasty apple or juicy orange will give you. Feel the health benefits, nutrients and say a thanks for it.
  25. End your day on a positive note and start with a positive note tomorrow.

Wrap yourself in love with thoughts of what is good in your life. I know you can do it.

Terry Vermeylen is the founder of My Life Changes and wants you to make gratitude a personal value in his tracker and help you to cultivate new habits to bring infinite joy into your life.  

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    1. Thank you for being you and making this wonderful list to give all of us a reminder to make it a joyful, loving life while we are here on the magnificent earth.

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