Ah Ha! Links for May 2011

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Howdy! Here are some links on goal setting and making life changes that might inspire you! : )

For many young adults, their 20s and 30s are now a time of panic and self-doubt as they suffer a ‘quarter-life crisis’.

If you want to lose weight and become healthier do you really understanding how many calories you need?

What inspires you to chance? Why are you waiting so long?

If you want to lose weight your goals have to be specific!

12 steps to help your child achieve goals

Moms Talk: How Do You Balance Work And LIfe?

How do we raise our self-esteem and keep it at a high level?

A good goal, no matter how big it is, gives you an exact target to shoot for

It’s only since I discovered the use of goal setting that I’ve managed to generate time for my creativity.

“Setting goals defines a road map of your hopes, dreams, desires and expectations.”

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