Stats , Supplements and Ah Ha Links for March 2011

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A few stats for

Daily page views of users …up 71% the past 3 months.

Time on site of users…up 126% the past 3 months.

Visits from Search engine …up 109% the last month.


I still love the supplements. My Osteoarthritis is not bothering me much, I am clear headed, sleep better, and I feel calmer. I am Zen!

Ah Ha links!

“Do you have the feeling, as I do, that in the tsunami of everyday life, we’re getting too much of stuff we don’t need, and not enough of what we do?”

30 Things We Need – and 30 We Don’t

Charlie Sheen is the tired face of the American dream, in ways that we don’t often enough have the backbone, wisdom, or grace to (want to) admit”

The United States of Charlie Sheen

Mr. Zuckerberg isn’t the only 20-something achiever who has changed the world at an age when our fathers and grandfathers were still trying to scramble up the first few rungs of the corporate ladder.”

Two Cheers for the Maligned Slacker Dude

Noreena Hertz says we shouldn’t always rely on the experts. Look at the financial situation…the experts really fucked that one up.

Noreena Hertz: How to use experts — and when not to

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