More Ah Ha Links for April 2011

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Hi again. Links that might inspire and motivate you. : )

Love this piece by one off my favourite bloggers. Such a heartfelt story about becoming an optimist.

How I Became an Optimist

The ability to dream big and goal setting takes them these students from good enough to excellent.

In this world, success is reached with clearly defined goals

An interesting breakdown on how one of my favourite financial bloggers makes money.

How I Make Money

Once again another study comes out showing that busy parents don’t provide healthy lifestyles for their kids.

Survey: Kids lack exercise, healthful foods

Here is a great tip on how to live to 100.

Want to Live to 100? Take Life’s Curveballs in Stride

What are the three major factors that are making Americans fat?

Food matters

Learning to live a beautiful life.

you can change : a sweeping affirmation

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