Always, Always, Always Believe In Yourself

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If you give a person the opportunity to shine, they will shine. Some of these American Idol contestants are just regular folk, with regular jobs and have now been given a huge stage to pour out their talent. Lee DeWyze worked selling paint, but onstage his singing talent spills out on us like a waterfall.

Unchecked emotion and pure passion constantly flows out of the guy. Isn’t it amazing that these Idols are just like you and me? The difference is that they have been given an opportunity to showcase their talent.

We all have hidden talents. We all have life long dreams. Sometimes we catch ourselves dancing and singing in the mirror. Some of us love to paint or crack stupid jokes. Some of us ask ourselves, “What if?” We all have our passions. We all have our doubts. We all allow fear to invade our dreams. So take a cue from the Idols and realize that if they can do it, so can you. Never, ever give up on your dreams. Never believe that you aren’t good enough. Whether it’s singing, dancing, acting, painting, or being the world’s greatest business person, don’t ever give up.

Take your talents and unleash them on the world. Unbridle your passion and let it set you free. Have you got some life goals? Right now might be a good time to start setting those life goals and realizing them. Life rewards action. You might even discover talents you never knew you had! It’s time now. Time to start believing in yourself. Unleash those passions, inject yourself with a large dose of love and show the world what you can do.

You too can be the next American Idol.

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    3 thoughts on “Always, Always, Always Believe In Yourself

    1. I never hear these kind of encouraging word’s from many people. It’s not a real life thing. Not in my life at least. If it’s in your’s than I am happy that you have a person or people that will say these kind of word’s to you. The Real Thing is that many people feel so worthless and don’t know what to do with themselves. They sit at home and morn over lost opportunity’s feeling sorry for themselves as life and others pass them by. They are told horrible thing’s from people they most confide in to live there life for fear of not surviving if they venture from these people that tell them they are no good. That they are a piece of crap and will never amount to nothing. These are the kind of words I hear most often. But, Who am I to say that I am not. Right? this is the sense of mind control put on people that says they must stay in there place, or situation, not trying to do things for themselves to survive, but for the whole. To many cynical, Bad mannered, offensive people in this world and all there words that bring you down. It’s so hard to just BE! I am suffocating! drowning in insecurity, on my hands and knees, begging for a little sympathy, begging you to HELP ME!! And others. I would feel pleased if you would help someone that really needed it. Don’t wait too long though to help. Karma is a bitch and if you let something bad happen to someone because you waited to long to help, you might as well have walked up to the person and shot them. Because that’s basicly whats it’s like NOT HELPING! So Lesson #1. Don’t let other people feel miserable there whole lives!

    2. No problem o! I hope I can be where you are in your mind one day. That I may be the molder of my own conscious. Creator of my own surroundings. Thanks for the inspiring words. No wonder I feel the way i do when people are all so happy wandering around aimlessly lost in there descent to darkness. I feel as though I am all alone in the world with no one that will ever understand me. As I’m sure so many other’s do. I’m sure that much is true. But i will take your words and use them positively as I will act, think and converse to others more positively. Anyway, Peace Love and Respect!


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