How I am Playing Golf again after 9 Years

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Celebrate sunPersonal Core Value: Health

I read a story about how health was recommended as the number #3 priority in your life and I think that was absurd.

Health should be your # 1 priority and personal value as it affects not only your own life but all the people’s lives around you.

Life sucks sometimes. About 9 years ago I had to be helped off my local golf course as my back gave way and I couldn’t even load my clubs in my car. Luckily someone helped me that day. I went home to bed and resigned myself to a life without golf. I have 2 herniated discs in my back and the pain was constant at that point. The pain affected all aspects of my life. During vacations I would be stuck injured and in pain at times, only to hobble to the beach. I was afraid to pick up anything I began popping anti-inflammatory constantly.  I also missed sports and golf terribly.

I walked and walked in Las Vegas.  I walked the Las Vegas strip about 5 years ago each night and each night I felt a bit better.  

Now I exercise every day. I have eliminated all my back pain, sleep better, reduced stress dramatically, eat healthier, wake up earlier and am much happier. I have strengthened my core, which now supports my lower back.  Oh and did I mention I play Golf now?

I exercise in the morning.  I was consulting at a client this year and was flying each week. Being away from home means your team becomes your extended family. After we would finish a particularly rough day it was easy to head out for drinks and dinner.  That meant missing a work out. So I simply get up a bit earlier and work out in the morning. I work out between 30 and 40 minutes a day alternating between treadmill and the elliptical machines. And the treadmill is not a run, it’s a fast walk.

I watch Netflix as I work out.  Working out on an elliptical or treadmill machine is like watching paint dry. Not very exciting. I watch Netflix on my IPhone as I work out. I have watched everything from the entire West Wing series to Family Guy.

I am getting my Golf Game back.  I used to play in the mid – eighties and it took some time to get my touch back and take a pretty good cut at the ball when driving.  I’m amazed and grateful I can play golf again.

Health and exercise is my number one priority and personal value. Good health is unquestionably improving my work performance, relationships, stress level, self-confidence and over all lifestyle. Why wouldn’t I make it my number #1 priority?

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