How to Become Very Happy Right Now

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After having read a couple of hundred self help books over the last 15 years one of the conclusions I’ve come to is that happiness is a choice. Either we chose to be happy or we don’t. It’s that simple! We are all seeking happiness and we all have the ability to be happy in our central core. Our pure unconditioned inside self is happiness. And that happiness can be let out right now!

Why aren’t we happy? We aren’t happy because we are conditioned over the years to pay attention to many useless thoughts and worries from the outside world, that creates our inner troubled world. All our worries, anger, frustrations come from the world outside of our mind and heart. We are too fat. We don’t have enough money. We hate our jobs. We are conditioned to worry about these things and also inflict terrible self judgement upon ourselves because we aren’t measuring up to someone else’s standards. And with all this negative bombardment of thoughts we might have times of joy but never true contentment. What is stopping you from taking a nice walk outside right now? Only your thoughts.

You do have a core of happiness inside of you waiting to burst out. The only thing you have to do is let it out. Let go of judging yourself, let go of guilt and tell yourself you deserve to be happy right now. Don’t you deserve to be happy right now? Don’t you deserve to be happy for the rest of your life?

Just let yourself be happy right now. Just try it for a minute. Tomorrow morning get up and chose to be happy. Creating that choice in the morning will start you off to a happy day. Each happy day leads to a happy life.

You can read a million books, try to lose weight, count your pennies, change jobs and continue to find the ultimate solution to happiness. Or you can recognize that you have the potential to be happy right now. It has been in your heart all this time! You are the key to your own happiness! You can be happy right now.

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