Five Small Ways You Can Make Yourself Happy

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Enjoy each and every moment life has to offer.

The most important rule in life is to live in the present moment. Letting of the past, future, and all your trivial worries will by far be the best change you can make. Stop whinnying. Please stop complaining. Appreciate each and every moment from now on. Love life. Never take anything for granted. Every moment you lose to your worries is a moment lost forever. This is how people with terminal illnesses think. Life is too short. Every moment is precious. Find your Zen, right now.

Don’t leave this life without following your dreams.

Don’t be afraid to take chances. Write that book, comic strip or screen play. Go to the job interview. Take action right now! Don’t delay your dreams any further. There is absolutely no reason why you can’t take the first step towards your dream life today. There is no excuse. And as you take action and stay in the moment, you will be shocked how staying in the now helps.

Shut your shallow ego up.

Shut your ego up right now. Your ego brings up all your past conditions and failures to the surface. You are a human being who can make a conscious choice today to drop your ego and find the love within yourself that is always there. You are a magnificent human being, never forget that. Shut your ego up right now and send it packing.Your ego only makes you feel afraid. Say goodbye to it today.  

Buy yourself a treat once in a while.

Buy yourself a present. There are a million articles out there blabbering about the evils of being materialistic. Most of this is pure bullshit. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself with a nice purchase for all your hard work. So buy that car, plasma TV, or night out. But don’t think you are a better person because of that new car. You aren’t. It’s a piece of metal on wheels. Just because you are driving it doesn’t make you better than Bob next door. So buy yourself a treat, but don’t identify yourself with it. Once you identify yourself with your stuff you become a shallow, ego filled and empty person. Enjoy your treat for what it is. No more no less. Oh yes and please make sure you can afford it. That always helps. Or else you start worrying again.

Have dinner with your close friends.

It has been proven that life’s happiest moments occur when you are with your good friends. Have a dinner party and drinks at least once a week. Laugh. Cry. Joke. Have deep and meaningful conversations. Love life with your best friends. Watch the stars together. It just doesn’t get any better than this.

So what makes you happy?

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