Meditation And Why It Reduces Only Some Stress

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The best meditation techniques I’ve learnt about is from Pema Chodron.  Meditation is the foundation to living in the present moment and reducing stress. I’ve written about the meditation technique I use here. I believe it is the simplest and clearest explanation I can give you.

However, it’s all fine and dandy to believe meditation will erase life’s problems and bring you into an enlightened state requiring no further action. Wrong.

Meditation is wonderful to reduce the useless chatter in your life. Meditation trains your mind to come back to the present moment and immerse yourself in the beauty of the world around you. The more you practise meditation the more you get better at reducing anxiety, silly worries and most stress.

The key here though is MOST stress. Meditation will not make you lose weight. Mediation will not get you out of debt. Meditation will not help your dreams come true. What WILL help all these things is to take action. To make a major life change you have to take action. There is no simple way of getting around it.

So here is the deal. Decide right here and now on what aspect of your life you need to take action on. Write out what the problem is and write out the solution. There. Now you have an action plan to change a key aspect of your life. You have made a decision, drawn a line in the sand and chosen to act.

Now you can meditate. Let go of all those silly worries and chatter in your head. You have a plan, you will take action , the rest is of no importance. Learn to be at peace. However, when it comes time to take action, TAKE ACTION! If you don’t, your life will never change. No matter how hard you meditate.

Are you ready to live a life of Zen and make a significant life change?

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