How To Envision And Build Your Dream Life

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Welcome all you new subscribers to! You are joining thousands who have already begun the journey to success, love and happiness! This website will make you think. Thinking is good! Here are the three easy steps towards leading the life of your dreams.

1. Who are you?

First, you need to decide who YOU are. Are you an entrepreneur, father and athlete? Or are you a philosopher, businessman and wealth builder? Are you a combination of a few of these? Understanding your overall roles in life is absolutely essential to who you are and what kind of life you wish to pursue while on this beautiful planet.

2. What are your core values?

Why in the world would anyone start goal setting without understanding your core values? Your core values drive your emotions, feelings and moral compass in life. One of my core values is freedom. I envision a life of freedom. Freedom from debt. Freedom from any money worries. When I think about freedom I also picture myself getting up in the morning and working on what I love to do, never worrying about money and enjoying nature, family and friends. Of course I want that core value of freedom in my life! It’s incredibly beautiful and liberating! Now you are ready to set goals according to who you are and what core values are especially meaningful to you.

3. What are your goals?

Take your most important core value and set a goal that will help you live accordingly to it. If your value is happiness, your goal may be to start the morning off with a smile. It’s simple but goals don’t have to be complicated to have a huge effect. Don’t set too many goals. It will be too difficult to reach a bunch at the same time. Kind of hard to quit smoking, lose weight and meditate all at the same time.

Track your changes

Use the color coded tracker to see how you are doing. I made the tracker as visual and simple as possible to make it easy for you and I. You are now on your way to making incredible life changes. Congratulations!

And don’t forget to read my articles for inspiration!

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