5 Tips To Create Your Best Life For 2010

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Happy belated Christmas and all the Best in the New Year!

You are about to find out my best life changing lessons not only from 2009 but also from hundreds books, blogs and tweets over the past few years. These methods are useful, helpful and are here to solve your problems.

  • Defining your core values and living by them RIGHT NOW is possible. If you define freedom as a core value you can step out of worrying about the future and live in the present moment right away. Just stepping outside and looking up at the sky can be an amazing experience. These simple moments can bring perspective to what’s important really important to you. I take in the morning sky every day before hopping in the car. We live an amazing and free life if we choose to!
  • Using an index card to create awareness of a new habit IS one of the best life changing tools you can use. Define your values you wish to live by and write down a goal on an index card. Carry that card with you and look at it 20 times a day if you have to. The message may be “Create healthier body “or “Am I being a loving person today?” These messages create a continuous awareness deep inside you. Look at that card often until you live your new habit every day.
  • Live in the moment. Living in the moment and not dwelling in the past or future is one of the best life lessons I have learnt this past year. Living in the now will enrich each moment of your my life as worries fade away and you learn to enjoy the simpler things in life.
  • Let go of money worries and live a life of freedom and happiness. Why cannot we be happy right now? Isn’t happiness just a choice? Isn’t happiness just a conscience decision? Of course it is. You can choose to be happy or miserable today. You can get up in the morning and embrace the new day or let your worries take over. Money has nothing to do with it. It’s all in the mind.
  • Step out of your emotions, worries, fear and stress. Open your heart to living the best life you can right now. When you close your heart your mind closes and all kinds of worry creep in. Keeping an open heart gives your endless energy and allows you to be a loving person. It isn’t about an emotional love but choosing to be a loving person. When you choose this path people will choose to treat you with kindness and compassion as well! Isn`t this life you want to experience?

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