5 Tips To Create Your Best Life For 2013

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Have a great freaking New Year!

You are about to find some damn fine  life changing lessons not only from 2012 but also from hundreds of books, blogs and tweets over the past few years. These methods are effective, indispensable and here to solve all your worldly problems!

  • Defining your core values and living by them RIGHT NOW is possible. If you define freedom as a core value you can step out of worrying about the future and live in the peace of the present moment right away. Just stepping outside and looking up at the sky can be a mind-blowing and freeing experience. Do it every day. These simple moments can bring perspective to what’s genuinely important to you. I take in the morning sky every day before hopping in the car. Looking up at the morning sky gives me enough pure joy to begin dealing with the traffic, bullshit and information overloads each day brings. What are your core values? Is freedom one of them?


  •   Using an index card to create awareness of a new habit IS one of the best life changing tools you can use. After defining your values you wish to live by, write down a couple of goals here and on an index card. Carry that precious card with you all day and look at it 20 times a day if you have to. The message may be “Create a healthier body and get my ass to the gym “or “Am I being a truly loving person today to my family and friends?” These messages create a deep continuous awareness deep inside you. Stare at that card like your life depends on it every day until that goal becomes a beautiful habit.


  • Live in the moment. Living in the moment and not dwelling in the past or future is one of the greatest life lessons I have learned. Living in the now will enhance each moment of your my life as worries fade away and you learn to truly enjoy the simpler things in life.


  • Let go of money worries and live a life of magnificent freedom and happiness. Why can’t we be happy right now? Why do we worry about the scarcity of money when all we require in life is a roof, food, and love?  Isn’t happiness our choice? Isn’t happiness just a conscience decision? Of course it is. You can choose to worry about money or be happy for the rest of your life. Get up in the morning and embrace the new day! Money has nothing to do with it. Society is making you a miserable and pathetic slave to consuming. Wake up free and happy tomorrow.  You already have all you need.


  • Step out of your emotions, worries, fear and stress. Open your heart to living the best life you can right now. When you close your heart your mind closes and all kinds of worry creep in. Keeping an open heart gives you endless power and allows you to be a loving person. It isn’t about an emotional love but choosing to be a brilliant and loving person. When you choose this path people will choose to treat you with kindness and compassion as well! Is’t this the magnificent life you want to experience?

Start today…

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    One thought on “5 Tips To Create Your Best Life For 2013

    1. Thank you for sharing the article. The tips are very realistic. I want to recommend a book.

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      ‘What Makes You Great?’ is more than a self-help book; it’s a blueprint to living the fullest life possible, even when darkness overshadows all light.


      The goal of the book is to inspire others who can create an opportunity for themselves, to follow their dreams. Please read this book often to help you stay focused. In this life, we do not have the luxury to live to 500 years old. We are lucky to live to 90. With that said, we should make every second, minute, hour, day, week, month and year count. It is important to always move in the direction that will bring you closer to realizing your dreams and living a positive life.

      Avoid emotionally and mentally negative situations and thought patterns, so you can make the best out of your life and others around you. Put your family first building a foundation of love and respect. A family is a group of individuals living under the same roof, united by certain convictions and common affiliation, the basic and various social units in society. A unit that should be valued!

      As the author explains, while her own life experiences seemed unique, she became acutely aware that everyone suffers their own personal times of need.

      “I wrote the book, What Makes You Great? because I have seen both friends and family due to difficult experience lose faith in themselves. In turn, they give up on their dream and put aside many of the aspirations that will make their life better aside. Our dreams are the blueprint of our life that we need to pursue. It gives us confidence in our ability to achieve anything,” says Hoggatt.

      Continuing, “The book is broken up in seven sections. It is an easy read. It is important because at one point, we all lose our faith or at least are dangling. It is great to have a guide or an avenue so to stay on track. It is important to pursue dreams. It is good for our souls, humanity, each other, our relationship and the world. Love, respect and peace.”

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      With its popularity expected to soar, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

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