Finding Unlimited Energy

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Every movement of your body, every emotion, and every thought that passes through your mind takes energy. Everything inside you requires an expenditure of energy. This energy is yours, it is your birth right and it is unlimited. You don’t feel this energy when you close off your heart and your mind. This spiritual energy can remain open when you decide to leave it open or close when you decide to close it. It is that simple.

Let go of all your conditioning, fears and always let the energy flow into you. Don’t ever close it. Once you close down, you block the energy’s path. Closing down can drain you. Closing down creates walls around yourself. Open up to all that life has to offer. Embrace life with all your heart and soul. Imagine that all your walls have come down and the light from a billion stars shines down on you.

This is the path to enlightenment. This is the path to unlimited energy.

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