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The cutting edge a series of articles aimed at waking individuals up. Life is too short to let it pass by and phenomenal success is just around the corner if you apply a few of these principals.

Set dream goals

There are regular goals and then there are dream goals. Dream goals are a wholehearted mixture of your passions, dreams, and feelings of wonder that wash over you. Be it starting a business, becoming a professional athlete, traveling the world or making a million dollars, we all have dream goals. If you have educated yourself or have the skills there is no reason not to pursue your dream goals. Arnold Schwarzenegger arrived in the United States poor and speaking broken English. His dream goals were to become Mr Olympia then become a movie star and make a few million along the way. He even climbed the political ladder. What happened to him? Never give up on your dream goals. Write them out now.


There are thousands of distractions keeping you from living the life of your dreams. By focusing on your dream goals and steps for at least an hour a week, you’ll be absolutely amazed at what you can accomplish. Maybe you need accompanying inspirational music or reference books — anything to help you focus. Quit being distracted by life right now and start creating your dream life. Start with an hour a week.

Give your best, you do not always have to be the best.

Now you have your dream goals. Everything else is secondary. And you can’t be the best at everything. Society and advertising tries to tell us other wise. It’s Ok to do your best, so set some life goals that reflect just that. Maybe you want to start by losing 10 pounds, paying off one credit card or writing your book outline first. If that is your best for now that’s OK. Focus most of your energy and time on your dream goals. Those are the goals (or goal) that will help you start living your dream life. You don’t have to be the best at everything, just give your best.

In summary

Set dream goals


Give your best, not always be the best.

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