My Life Changes is Back!

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Celebrate sunMy Life Changes is Back!

My Life Changes was born out of the desire to create a method for people to live according to their deepest personal values. That is why it isn’t just a run of the mill blog. It is a place to discover your innermost mission, values and goals in life.

I want you to explore the tracker and the blog. If I help you to, at the very least …think…about your life…and ponder if you are living according to your deepest desires and values, then I have done my job here.

I’ve made some incredible life changes myself, and I will share them with you in the next days, weeks and months.

I value my health almost more than anything else, and I will tell you how I am playing golf after a 9 year hiatus.

I have discovered Zen and Peace by practicing meditation with an app!

And finally, I have always been a huge fan of gratitude and appreciation….every day I have won the lottery. I will let you in on how to win the lottery of life.

And finally, finally, finally I will write about my career. I have started another site called and at times, will merge this blog with that one. Work is a huge part of our lives. Let’s be happy for the eight hours a day we invest in it.

Join me…and send some love in the form of likes, shares and comments!


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