5 Reasons Why Nature is Your Ultimate Source of Gratitude and Zen

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In my article that generated almost 400 likes and shares on Facebook I mentioned “get out in nature to marvel at this beautiful planet spinning in a universe surrounded by billions of stars.” Let’s find a few more ways to incorporate more of these awe inspiring habits into your life

You have been given the opportunity to participate in this wondrous and infinite universe. Now go forth and be that miracle that you are.

In a recent talk at TED Talk  Mel Robbins, mentioned that scientists estimate the probability of your being born at about one in 400 trillion. Isn’t this amazing? Every day I am grateful for my miraculous gift of birth and every day I find time to stand outside and let nature fill me with joy, awe and inspiration. I am grateful to be born. I plan to make the most of it.

You are a life force in a never ending ocean of stars and galaxies. Find daily awesomeness, gratitude and joy in this.

Picture yourself sitting where you are right now. Zoom out now and picture the town you are living in (picture this like using Google maps). Zoom away again and pretend you are viewing all this from the space station and seeing the entire blue planet. Zoom back to the very end of our solar system. Zoom back again to the Milky Way. The Milky Way is one of 100 Billion Galaxies in the Universe. See that microscopic speck of yourself participating in all of this? Feel the awesomeness in this each day.  You are part of an infinite cosmos.

The sun is always shining

The sun is always shining. Sure it’s hidden by clouds and rain some days, but it’s always above the clouds ready to bask the earth in it’s warm glow. Is this a way of looking at the world as a glass that is half full? You betcha. It’s awesome that the sun is always up there shining. Don’t you think?

Each day the sky brings you a new painting.

You will never see the same cloud formation. Look up in the sky at least once a day and look at the cloud formation. Feel the vastness of the sky and feel grateful to be part of it. A sky is not a single color, and every new color adds beauty. Feel the serenity, joy, inspiration and awe that each new sky gives you. You are as unique as each sky and don’t ever forget that.

This day will never exist again.

Your time here is precious and limited and relish the miracle of it like never before. Find an extraordinary moment each and every day and celebrate it. Make this day into the best story you possibly can.

I hope you experience nature in all its wonder and feel gratitude and love each and every day.

Terry Vermeylen is the founder of My Life Changes and wants to help you cultivate new values and habits to bring infinite joy into your life.

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