The Myth Of Not Having Enough Money

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I was having breakfast with my Dad yesterday and we talked about when the Nazis began bombing Belgium near his home and they escaped on a Belgium fishing trawler that had come from fishing near Iceland. The Nazis had already run over Poland and Holland and were only 20 miles away. From there his family hitched a ride on a French fishing trawler that headed to the town of Brighton in England. At 14 years old he found himself as a war refuge.

Can you imagine going through that? Can you imagine losing your home, country and friends with bombs falling around your head?

Do you get up in the morning and worrying about money and the next Apple product you are missing out on? Do you really believe your life is that horrible?  Do you have a roof over your head? Do you have food on your plate? Friends you can message instantly?

The problem with our society today is that we have this ridiculous notion that we never have enough money.  The next time you wake up worrying about money think about these things.

Are money worries taking over your life? Stop letting money be the determining factor in your daily decisions. Start thinking about the wonderful freedoms you have, the friends you have made and the almost infinite choices our society provides us each and every day.

Are you labeling yourself as a loser without enough money? Our potential as great human beings is much more than about how much money we have. We can transform into great human beings without money and feel beauty, compassion and the depths of our very soul without it.

Rich people are unhappy too. If you focus all your energy on making money and neglect your friends and family you will become a very lonely person.  A psychologist once told me people with hundreds of millions of dollars would cry in his office because they had no real friends. Their soul was aching.

Being rich means being in the moment.   When you disconnect from the present moment you disconnect from life.  You disconnect from nature. One of my favorite times of the day is taking a stroll down the street at lunch and taking in the expanse of the sky and hearing nature all around me. I see so many people rush back to their desks or meetings, food in hand – almost every day. Once each day is gone it is gone forever. Take advantage of the sun outside.   Celebrate each day like a new life.

Do you have enough clothes, electronics, kitchen accessories or just plain stuff? Take a few minutes and think if you have enough stuff in your life. Really give it some deep thought. Do you really need all of it?  Can you take some of it and give it away? Do you really need to get the latest gadget? Buy only would you truly need or dearly love and forget the rest. Stop allowing our consumer driven society dictate what you need in your life to make you happy.

The next time you wake up worrying about money think about these things. Then think how plentiful your life is and that money is just a tool to help you provide for life’s basic necessities. Life is so much more than that. Go out and explore the world. Take a simple walk in nature today.

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