Now You Can Always Be Happy While Reaching Your Goals.

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What makes me happy? Remembering that I’m human.

Remembering that I’m human means:

  • Celebrating my life warts and all.
  • Celebrating …successes and failures.
  • Accepting who I am.
  • Always finding more joy in the journey than the destination.
  • Loving myself.
  • Embracing each and every precious moment of my life.

When you make some big life changes always remember that you might fail sometimes. You might put on a bit of weight one week, you might spend a bit too much money… you might not exercise one day.

Gently remind yourself that you are human.  You have emotions. You have self doubts sometimes. You are influenced by your culture, family and those human genetics.

It’s ok not to be perfect in reaching your goal. You may stumble. But dust yourself off and get back on that horse.

And celebrate and find joy in your humanness.  Find the wonder in your life and your journey.

You aren’t superman and a life change may not help you leap over tall buildings.

But a life change can help you take a few baby steps…. fall down …and then you find yourself walking.

Without any downs how can we have ups?

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